We spent the last couple days of August, and the first few days of September in San Diego again this year. We had a great time! We stayed at the Catamaran on Mission Bay - what a perfect location (we stayed at the same place last year but this year we got a studio so we had a fridge/kitchenette). Nap and bed time are always interesting... you could find us hiding in the bathroom or balcony awaiting zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's.
This hotel/resort is on the beach, walking distance to lots of restaurants, here are a few and the food I would recommend:
  • Joe's Crab Shack - crab ;0)
  • The Eggery (same as Good Egg in AZ but an expanded menu - i.e. breakfast quesadilla w/ eggs, veggies, cheese, and of course avocado)
  • World Famous - great breakfast (we heard) and if you go on a Tuesday night the shrimp tacos are only $1 and delicious! Kyle had a burger and he thought it was good too. We also had chips and guac mmmmmmmm.
  • Green Light - good breakfast and dinner
  • Nick's - I had the horseradish crusted halibut with wasabi and it was to die for!
  • We also drove to Hodad's for lunch of world famous (and worth the drive) burgers
Also walking distance to Starbuck's and Ralph's (Fry's).

The weather was great - a little warm to the San Diegans, but not to us! Eighty-five degrees for a high sure isn't bad in September. We were able to go on a morning bike/beach cruiser ride, kayak, go on long evening walks, and of course lots of swimming. We also took the Bahia Belle cruise around Mission Bay and it was children's night so that was a blast for Brady even though it was slightly after his bed time.


Post long bike ride:

I thought I would post the many "cheeses" of Brady for you - different locations throughout San Diego - one day he'll be able to just smile! Ha!

We went to Lego Land - it was fun, but Brady was about 1/4 inch too short for the majority of the rides. Yes, of course I looked at the website, but I thought it meant he had to be 36" to ride alone and didn't think it would really matter if he was riding with one/both of us... I was WRONG! Ha ha, we had a great time anyway.

Last, a few family shots - usually taken by one of us so they are mainly face shots :0)

We spent two weekends in Safford in September.  The first weekend was just me and Brady, Kyle was off hunting elk in the white mountains (poor elk).  The following weekend we went because my grandparents came in from Oklahoma to visit!  We had a great time visiting with everyone.  Brady loved Matthew's soccer games, and really wanted to play!

A nice perk to September - I got to meet Luis Gonzalez today at our charity kick-off!  If you don't know who Gonzo is - he played for the AZ Diamonbacks when they won the World Series in 2001 - he hit the winning hit!


Ok... I started the blog and it has been a couple months since I added anything - I was trying to decide if I should keep up the Piczo site or continue with the blog. I have decided the blog is much more comprehensive, rather than just a bunch of pictures. Brady has had a lot of fun and adventure over the past couple months! Now I will catch up! I will keep the Piczo site in place, so if you ever want to look back at older pictures you can go to this link:
August started out with a fun birthday party for Brady's friend, Kizer at USA Gym. Brady loved it and was so brave! We also went to Peter Piper Pizza for Brady's cousin, Sydney's birthday party the following day (we didn't get any pics of Brady with the birthday girl because he was running wild that day and ready for a nap - see cake).

The following weekend we went to the Phoenix Zoo - we have an annual pass, but it has been too hot to go for a few months... this trip was pretty warm! Brady loved feeding the Giraffe with Daddy and visiting all the animals and saying their names - oh and of course playing on the splash pad!

The next weekend Brady and Mama went to Desert Breeze Park (above) with Jennifer and Brenna on Saturday, and the Phoenix Children's Museum with Sherri, Gabe and Gavin on Sunday - what a cool place!

Brady and I also checked out a cool indoor play area called Family Time with a "fire slide" that was really neat. We will surely go there again, maybe when Brady is a little older and mama doesn't have to ride the slide every time with him! ;)

I volunteered in Brady's classroom one day and it was so much fun!! It is very structured and he has great teachers that have lots of experience and really keep those crazy two year olds busy. We played outside, played with shaving cream and cookie cutters, sang songs, did circle time - they have a new letter, number, and color (in English and Spanish) every week, and lots of other fun stuff. I had never been in a setting like that and I really enjoyed it. Nap time amazed me. There were a couple of crazy kids, but Brady did very well even though I was there - except for lunch time, he didn't eat... but that is the story of his life. Here is a picture from circle time: