October in AZ is the BEST!

It's that time of year again!  We love October in AZ and this one has started out cooler than average :).  October means more evening walks, playing outside, time at the park, flying RC planes and kites, pumpkin patches, and of course Halloween! 

We let Brady pick his own costume this year and he of course chose Elmo, I found a great costume online and it already arrived.  Brady likes to try it on every evening and look at himself in the mirror - not exactly the same response as the lion in the mirror last year!

 I can't wait for Halloween, I love it and Brady is going to have so much fun!

Today we went to breakfast, then to Mother Nature's Farm to check out the pumpkins, attractions and animals.  It was HOT, almost 100 degrees.  We had fun though!


What a fun weekend! The weather was PERFECT this weekend. Hopefully it will cool off just a bit by next weekend so Elmo doesn't have red cheeks and a sweaty head...

Kyle and I had a "date night" Friday! Actually, we took Brady to Family Time (the same place Brady will see the real Elmo next weekend) and he played there for about an hour and a half while we went to dinner at Grimaldi's - the BEST pizza. I am not a big fan of thin crust pizza, but this stuff is so good! Then my dear husband walked over to Macy's with me to the Mac counter to make for a perfect evening. Kyle was so confused when he saw all the fake eyelashes. He asked me, "do some people not have eyelashes?" hahaha.

Saturday we went to the park before naptime and Brady got to ride the carousel, some rides, and the train, oh I'm sorry, the "choo choo train".

Then in the evening we went to the Gilbert Halloween Carnival.  It was really crowded, but a lot of fun. We went last year as well, but Brady wasn't quite old enough to enjoy the attractions. Brady played in some bounce houses and rode some bounce slides with Kyle- what a blast!

Oh yeah, we went to dinner at Pei Wei on the way to the festival, look at Brady, already a pro with his chop-sticks!!  <3

They went on this one several times, it was fun!

Brady waited in the long lines like a champ!

boing boing boing

bounce bounce bounce

playing in the grass is always fun too...

getting sleepy

One last October weekend - oh what fun!  Brady dressed as a "rock star" for school, and Elmo Halloween night.  He was lucky enough to have Grandma and Papa visiting for Halloween!  Grandma and I took him to see Elmo on Friday night, then we all went trick or treating on Saturday.  Brady had a blast, he said "trick or treat" and please and thank you to everyone :) then he handed out candy at home and told everyone "you're welcome!"  Brady has advanced so much this month, he speaks in full sentences (and you can understand almost everything he says now), he can count to 20, and to ten in Spanish.  He knows most of his colors, eats well, and is such a happy guy!  He loves to joke around.

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Tiffany said...

It looks like you had a blast! I cannot believe Halloween is right around the corner. Time flies. He sure looks cute in his Elmo costume. Love you guys,
Aunty Tiff

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