January 2010!

Well, January wasn't very eventful... we did a lot of relaxing - November and December wore us out! 

I started my new job at the very end of December so I'm working four ten hour shifts now, off on Friday.  I really like my new job!!!  Kyle has been picking Brady up from school so he isn't there too long!  Kyle was selected again this year to represent Southwest Airlines in the 2010 Maintenance Skills Competition in Las Vegas, so he has been going to Dallas to train/practice every-other weekend.  http://www.amtsociety.org/maintenance_skills_competition.jsp
This keeps me very busy - especially since I have learned that Brady is somewhat passive aggressive - he doesn't want to talk to Daddy on the phone, but is BAD when he is gone! We had a really bad morning last week, but he made it up to me the next day.

A few pictures...

Brady loves helping like most two year olds do.  He loves to help me cook and Kyle work in the garage:

He also loves singing and dancing (gets this from his Mama/aunt Tiff/Grandma) :)

I took Brady to Marley's Farms and we got to see/feed/pet all kinds of cool animals including a camel, a Zonkey (part donkey, part zebra), a giant pig, llamas, goats, miniature horses, and we also watched an English riding lesson.

Later that day... we went to Andin's third birthday party at Tanya & Glenn's house.  It was a lot of fun and perfect weather for an outdoor party! 

Brady and Andin are almost six months apart so we were seeing who was bigger ;)
Glenn, Kyle and Louie are helping them measure up
Brady took a big swing at the piñata
Brady and the birthday boy, Andin
Kyle and Louie might be a little too big for the kids' table...

At the end of January we made a decision to get a realtor and start looking for a new home, something we have been talking about and wanting to do for many years.  We'll be keeping our current house as a rental.  We found a house that we LOVE and made a back-up offer on Feb. 5th.  We really didn't think we would find a home that met all of our criteria so quickly... since there is already an offer on the home, and it is a short sale, it could be months before we hear something but we are hopeful that the original offer falls through!  :) Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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Tiffany said...

Yes, he does get his dancing machine skills from us! Love your updates.
Aunt Tiff

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