April always has the best weather here in AZ!  I love April.

We colored eggs with Brady, he really enjoyed it - the entire process actually.  He loves helping in the kitchen, so he loved helping boil the eggs, waiting for them to cool, and he especially loved picking the colors and waiting with excitement for the colors to get darker.  We went to Grandma Marilyn & Grandpa Gary's for Easter dinner.  Brady enjoyed spending time with cousins - we don't get to see them very often!

Briana, Sydney, Jaden, Desiree and Brady
We also hid some eggs on a four-wheeling adventure.  We took the Jeep out for the day and I snuck off and hid eggs, Brady loved looking for them in the rocks.

Brady got in touch with nature...

With all the rain we've gotten this year comes amazing wild flowers in the desert!
I took Brady to a City pancake breakfast where he was able to check out some fire trucks and police cars (and eat all the free pancakes he wanted).  he loves the fire trucks but was a little scared of the police car after he heard the siren - Good!  It got pretty warm so we headed out the the San Tan splash pad to cool off!

Brady is in this picture... you might need to re-focus!  :)

We celebrated Earth Day by wearing lots of green and keeping up our recycling practices!  One of these days I would love to have a compost pile and a garden... there is plenty of room for a garden at the house we are hoping to purchase!

On a serious note, we did lose Grandpa Yates this month.  He was 89 years old and he was ready for his next adventure.  We are comfortable with his passing, at our last visit with him he expressed that he was lonely, couldn't see well enough to read or watch TV even with glasses, couldn't hear well even with hearing aids, and he was ready.  RIP Grandpa Yates, you will be missed.