OMGosh it is already November!

Gosh, I love Costco!  I took pictures of Brady today, uploaded them to the Costco website, and for less than $30 I'll have Christmas cards tomorrow afternoon - YES!!  Some things really are simple. 

We had a great Thanksgiving!  We hosted this year, most of Kyle's side of the family was able to attend, so there were 11 of us.  We cooked and ate way too much food, fried a turkey, and ended the night with a fire in the pit in the backyard.  It was pretty cold for AZ!  Typically we are still in shorts on Thanksgiving, but this year we were all bundled up and it actually froze over night!  As you can see by the Christmas photos (above) it warmed up nicely for the weekend.

I don't know where to start!  My last post was in August, so I will start looking through photos to take me back...

August 19, 2010
Kyle and his team from the maintenance competition (the winners) were invited to Dallas for an awards dinner with some of the big whigs from Southwest.  I was so lucky to be invited as Kyle's date :) and Kyle's dad was so awesome to watch Brady for the 24 hours we were gone!  *by watch, I mean SPOIL

The winners presenting a thank you to their coach :)

Me, Kyle and Colleen, President Emeritus (retired)

Gary Kelley, Chairman/President/CEO, Scott, SWA, Kyle, Corey, SWA, Colleen, Herb Kelleher, Founder, Mark, SWA, and Tom, SWA/Coach

Of course, through August there was more swimming, swimming, and swimming - Brady started swimming on his own and was getting REALLY good - until the season ended!

 Brady got some AWESOME school pictures @ Watch Me Grow, here is my favorite.

September, 2010

All the boys at Grandma & Papa's house

I LOVE this pic, look at the facial expressions!  This is Memorial Day BBQ... Maybe it will be an annual thing, we had the whole Acuña side of the family in one place?!?  That makes 20!

Good times on the diving board

The Froggles :)

Kyle's WHOLE family!  Wow!  This never happens!

Brady's friend Naysa came or a swim and visit

October ~ my favorite month in AZ

We love October.  The weather is amazing, there are so many fun activities like farms with pumpkin patches and of course Halloween!!!  Brady couldn't decide what he wanted to dress as this year - first he wanted to be a robot, then a scary skeleton, then he tried on a bunch of costumes and chose the Hulk!  He really loved everything scary about Halloween, tried on the scary masks, decorated a scary pumpkin (at least he thought so), made scary noises... oh and did I mention he needed someone to hold his hand every time we went upstairs?  LOL

I love this picture.  I forgot to mention, soccer started in September - every Sat. Brady has practice and a game starting at 8:30.  He really likes it... sometimes... mostly just the treats and juice though.  He's not an aggressive little guy ;)


We went to Schnepf's Farm in Queen Creek for the first time this year.  It was a lot of fun!  We will definitely go back... maybe to pick peaches, or for lunch, or it may be another year and we'll go for the pumpkin & chili festival again next year.  There were lots of great rides for Brady's age, and a few for older kids, a win/win for families with kids varying in ages.

What a beautiful sunset from the train ride! 

 (someone is standing on his tip-toes)

 Another soccer game :) I have the best pics on my phone and a great video that I will have to download!

 I didn't wear a costume - but you can see my halo in this picture!  ;)
 Halloween party at his friend Carter's house - lots of fun games and friendly people.
Brady "swinging" Haley at her first birthday party on Halloween!  She is our old neighbor, and we really miss living by them (Katy and Rob) and hanging out all the time.  We trick or treated in the old 'hood, it was fun, but there were lots of houses that didn't participate since it was on a Sunday (don't get us started).

May, June, July!!!! Busy Busy they just flew by! ;)

Wow!  I can't believe I didn't update my blog for three months.  I knew I was behind, but I guess I didn't realize HOW behind I was.  We've had a busy summer!!  I'm going try to post this in order, so I will skip a few lines and start at the bottom with May - I have plenty of pictures to jog my memory.

July, 2010

OH July, busy month indeed!  We closed escrow on our new house the day after Brady's birthday party... so that meant time to get packing!  We found tenants for our "old house" and told them they could move in as soon as we were out and start paying rent in August.  So we packed and packed, Kyle and Carlos did a lot of work on the house to get it rental ready (installed new French doors, built and installed a new RV gate, patch some drywall, replaced wood and painted, new trim, repaired baseboards, completed tile...) good times in June!  I packed the house and we were ready to move by July 4th!  We  had "three men and a truck" for eight hours on the 4th and got about 85% of our stuff moved.

The evening of July 4th we were in our new house and we knew the fireworks would probably be visable from our backyard... so we set up some chairs and WOW!!!  We had the best seats to a firework show we've ever had!  It was amazing and really made a rough day worth it (I took some pictures on my phone but the camera was somewhere... in a box?)

Here are a couple pictures, but they are either pictures to show the paint, or pictures from the MLS posting:

here is a pic of the master bathroom BEFORE we had the entire interior painted!

and AFTER:

I only have "before" pictures of the house, so I will have to post some later of the furnished house!  WE LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!

We've had lots of company since we moved in :) I think I had every weekend in July booked!  We love having a house big enough to entertain comfortably and a yard large enough too.

Taylor visit!  My sister & her family were able to come spend two nights with us.  Her boys really keep Brady company and he misses them so much when they leave.  He had so much fun.  I got to cuddle with the new baby boy and enjoy some sister time!

Visit from Grands and Great Grands!

 June, 2010

Oh June, Brady's birth month!  All Brady could talk about this month was his birthday party.  He was having his party on June 26th at Bounce U and told everyone all about it - well, actually he decided to call it Bounce H for a while because that is his favorite letter!  We also welcomed baby Zachary Ryan Taylor to the world in June!  Congrats to the Taylor family, Brady was quite excited to have a new baby cousin and Kyle and I were just as excited to have a new baby nephew!!!

A friend, former colleague and car-pool partner Dave stopped by with his Lotus - Brady loved it!  Dave won't be doing a lot of car-pooling in this car...

Daddy and Brady love to swim together, Brady is pretty brave in the pool so we have to watch him closely!

Welcome baby Zachary!!!

Lots of fun birthday pictures!

We let Brady pick his birthday dinner restaurant... and it wasn't surprising that he picked the "shark restaurant" a.k.a. Joe's Crab Shack nce that is where he always wants to go - no, not because he likes the food but because he likes the shark!

May, 2010

Brady is so smart, he loves to read and play letter games on the 'puter.  He can identify lots of letters, pretty much all colors, and has a fantastic memory.  He loves the game Memory and making matches of everything. 

Brady likes practicing yoga by the pool... not exactly downward dog???

 We took Brady "urban fishing" (a lake in the middle of the city) but it was soooooo hot we didn't stay long!

Brady's friend Logan, our neighbor had an awesome birthday party with Buzz, Woody, pony rides, a bounce house and everything!  Brady was so excited to see Buzz and rode the pony by himself.  He's so brave!