Oh December - what a busy month!  We have lots of birthdays in December and of course Christmas! 
The first weekend in December was the Southwest Airlines Christmas party.  What a great time we had again this year!  Santa came in on an old airplane (Kyle could tell you more about it) and the kids were very excited.  There were so many things to do at the Christmas party including pony rides, a ferris wheel, spinning strawberries, face painting, balloon animals, visiting Santa, bouncy castles, a giant slide, food, car show (including Kyle's Jeep), fire trucks, helicopters... you get the picture. 
We only had our camera phones with us, so there aren't too many pictures:

We checked out a lot of Christmas lights around town, here are a couple shots from the Mormon Temple (as you can see, we no longer believe in scenery shots w/out a cheezy Brady modeling!)

Here are a couple cute shots of Brady eating an apple and strutting down the hall - this was the day we got our fresh Christmas tree

Christmas tree delivery and decorating the next day - Brady LOVED the Christmas tree and it was very difficult to say goodbye!

Brady @ his cousin Jaden's birthday party thoroughly enjoying a cupcake ;)
Throwing rocks @ the river on a random Wednesday - we all had the week off (Kyle and Brady had two weeks off, but only one for me)

A visit with Great Grandpa
We spent Christmas in Safford this year and it was COLD!!!  We were surprised at the temperature difference.  Brady had a blast playing outside even though he was freezing ;)

Christmas morning - Santa came!!

More presents when we got home!?!  Woo Hoo!!!

My two favorite gifts :)

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Happy Thanksgiving!  This year we spent the holiday with Kyle's side of the family.  We enjoyed great food and company, card games and playing with the Wii!  Brady played with some random toys, his pilgrim hat he made at school, and some of Jaden's toys - loved scaring everyone with his Batman mask! 
Some of the things we are thankful for include:

Our health
Our perfect son
Great family and friends
Jobs (my new job!  yeah!)
Tiffany's pregnancy
A great year

The day after Thanksgiving we hung out around the house, went to the park and flew the airplane and enjoyed ourselves.

Finishing off November...
We got our Christmas lights up on the house; though I haven't broken out the Christmas decorations and probably should have since I had the time.  Brady had a blast helping Daddy put the lights up.



We attended a "mini" air show today with extra large R/C planes and it was really cool!  Brady had fun, but he got tired toward the finale.  Kyle and Brady love flying the planes, I like to watch... here are some shots of some of the planes and the flights.

This little guy was pretty awesome, he is only 11 years old and could handle the plane amazingly

We had an early Thanksgiving celebration with my side of the family in Safford this year.  We had family pictures taken at Roper Lake and some of them turned out really awesome thanks to Jennifer Blackwell!  We had a great weekend, delicious food as always and lots of family time. 
Here are some of my favorite pictures!