We were able to take a quick trip to Seattle for our seventh anniversary!  Grandma stayed with Brady (Papa had to work at the home show in Tucson so he couldn't come) - thank you so much Grandma!!

We love vacation, and sampling good food in different parts of the US!  We were total tourists and really learned a lot about Seattle!  I know more about other cities than I do Phoenix - I have no idea what tourists do in Phoenix... I guess they just land here then go somewhere like the Grand Canyon or Sedona. 

We did a LOT of walking, we actually didn’t use any public transportation because we like to walk, and everything we wanted to do was fairly close to where we stayed. We stayed at the Grand Hyatt on Pike and 7th Ave? It was nice, accommodating, nice view, built in Starbucks and Ruth’s Chris. The weather was great – sunny all four days! The high/low were 35/55 so it was still COLD and thank goodness I brought my coat (that I only wore three days this winter) and scarves!

Here are the tourist traps that we fell into, and our recommendations on restaurants:

*Underground tour

We went on this hour and a half walking tour… very interesting – I know more about the history of Seattle now than I know of Phoenix. Seattle burned down (way back) and when they rebuilt, they buried the first floor of everything, thus raising the city 8-36 ft. and leaving behind a “secret city” below the ground. You could actually look up through glass tiles that were made into the sidewalk and see people walking by. I guess there is an evening version of this tour that is supposed to be pretty cool too; it includes more of the history on the opium use/sales and brothels ;)

*Local microbrew sampling!

*Restaurants to visit: First off, eating is our favorite part of vacation, which is another reason why we walk a lot, and typically have brunch and dinner (maybe a snack), I may go into too much detail here as my stomach growls. We went to Ivar’s (twice), once for fish & chips (nothing to write home about) and once for brunch, I had a salmon BLT – yummy (though I could have improved upon it) and Kyle had a blackened salmon Caesar salad, he loved it. The restaurant was nice and on the water.
We went to Sea Star for dinner, it was pretty tasty, great service! I had seared ahi and KYLE had Parmesan crusted halibut (kind of bland). The best dinner we had was at Dragon Fish CafĂ© – delicious!!! It is an Asian fusion seafood restaurant and I so wish they had one here!, I had a spicy garlic ginger chicken & shrimp, and KYLE had a sashimi tuna plate and Asian wings with wasabi ranch dipping sauce – we both licked the plates.
We had a fantastic brunch on Saturday at Steelhead Diner, I had eggs Cordova (hash, smoked salmon, poached eggs…) and KYLE had a pulled pork sandwich – both were insane! We had dinner at Morton’s the last night… eh, overrated.

*We checked out Lake Union, beautiful. It was too cold to even consider kayaking – even in the sun, but we would love to if we ever made it back in the summer!

*We ended up taking one of the Duck Tours and really enjoyed it! We had a great guide with a wonderful sense of humor, not corny at all. We got our fair share of history, took pictures, and saw landmarks on the land and water.

*Touristy stuff - space needle etc. – we walked to the space needle and went up it and took some pics, and they even conned us into purchasing the picture they took upon entry – it was cute!

Pike Place – great market place, especially to visit on a weekday (less busy). They had awesome assortments of seafood, veggies, fruit, tulips, honey, almonds, etc. Everyone was very friendly and the people watching is top notch!

*We walked along all the piers, the water edge, Pioneer Square, downtown – GREAT shopping! Out our hotel window you could see Nordstrom, H&M (love that store, I’ll have to go to the one in Scottsdale soon), Macy’s, ATL, and others… we also went to REI – it was HUGE and awesome!

Over all, we had a great time. I think Seattle is a lot like San Fran and Manhattan… but Seattle actually had more homeless/beggars than I expected (more than San Fran!?). There was lots of fun stuff to do and friendly people – and great food of course. I have a question – why are crab legs $50+ at all the restaurants in Seattle when you can get them here for $25???